Lauren Vick

(925) 899-1292



Hi, I’m Lauren Vick...

...also known as the SWAGinista here at Jeckil Promotions! I am the new kid on the block and recently graduated from the University of West Georgia!  When it comes to apparel and all things fashion I am your go-to girl- hence my nickname.

I am looking forward to helping you by making your life just a little easier when it comes to ordering swag by always showing you the latest trends and hottest products in the industry.



We use a sophisticated, industry-specific software which makes us more efficient in our menagement and allows us to offer data reports that will help you make more informed decisions.

Our Suppliers cover the globe; we know the who, the what, and the how to make the logistics work.This is an art.

We have a team of people whose jobs are to ensure delivery of your product on time and to your standards.

100% delivery on time or we will make it right.