Top 10 SWAG Items for this Summer that Will Make Your Brand Shine!✧

By Michelle Aguilar | June 10, 2021

1.Summer Books and Desk Items From Summer Drinks and Popsicle Party recipe books to Dektop Minigolf! Tons of new experiences to try this Summer. Best part is, we have lots of different book categories that will align with your marketing campaign! 2. Retro Round Sunglasses…

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Supply Chain Challenges

By Michelle Aguilar | May 18, 2021
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Welcoming Your Work Family Back to the Office 

By Michelle Aguilar | May 6, 2021

For the past 18 months, companies have been trying to figure out ways to connect with their employees and clients who are working from home.  As it relates to branded SWAG, the primary focus areas have been creating comfortable and efficient workspaces, client and employee…

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Dear Ryan Ep.1

By Michelle Aguilar | May 5, 2021

  Ryan, AKA The Great SWAGino, answers a letter from a ‘Frustrated HR Director’ and provides SWAG ideas for employee appreciation when coming back to the office. He talks about blue light blocking glasses and the Gala tumbler. All packaged in a custom box!

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Contest Ends April 30th!

By Michelle Aguilar | April 20, 2021
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Holiday Gifts Ideas!

Holiday Season is Just Around the Corner

By Michelle Aguilar | August 25, 2020

Holiday Season is Just Around the Corner…

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By Michelle Aguilar | August 4, 2020

Batch and Bodega  

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Ready to go PPE Kits!

By Michelle Aguilar | July 21, 2020
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What We’ve Been Up to These Last Couple of Months (PPE, Online Events, and More!)

By Michelle Aguilar | July 1, 2020

The last four months have provided so many challenges across all industries. The SWAG industry has been no different. Especially during the last two weeks of March, as anxiety and fear ramped up with the pandemic, we saw businesses scrambling to cancel events, slash budgets,…

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Giving Back

By webtech | May 8, 2020

At Jeckil Promotions, we’re always looking for ways to support our community. Now more than ever, it’s important to give back to those that need it the most. In the month of April, we decided to donate a portion of all our sales to The…

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