For the past 18 months, companies have been trying to figure out ways to connect with their employees and clients who are working from home. 

As it relates to branded SWAG, the primary focus areas have been creating comfortable and efficient workspaces, client and employee appreciation gifts, virtual meeting kits and PPE. 

Over the last few weeks, we have been speaking with clients who are starting to make plans for welcoming their employees back into the office.  While full re-entry into offices is still months away (if ever), companies are starting to think of thoughtful and safe ways to bring employees back. 

Our SWAG conversations over the past few weeks have shifted slightly from home related giveaways to “welcome back” gifts.  Our clients are asking themselves and us the following questions: 

  • What can we do to make our office as safe as possible to return?   
  • How can we make our employees feel safe and comfortable returning to the office? 
  • We have missed being together over the past year and we want to let everybody know how much we have missed them and how much we appreciate them…what is the best way to show this? 
  • Our employees have gotten really comfortable working from home.  They can work in their pajamas, they don’t commute into work, etc.   How can we create an environment in the office that makes them feel just as comfortable? 


These are all great questions and we have been having amazing conversations with our clients trying to help answer them. There are so many ways that SWAG plays a role in helping to solve all of these challenges. 

Whether its providing PPE, signage and sanitizing products to help create a safe environment or creating kits with all types of fun and useful items to welcome your work family back, we’ve got lots of great ideas to share. We can also help you come up with fun taglines for products. Our goal is to help make the transition back into the office as fun, safe and effective as possible.  

Please reach out to your Jeckil rep and let’s start brainstorming!! 



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