Jeckil Promotions is the SWAG partner that goes above and beyond for your peace of mind.

We work with marketing, sales, recruiting and event professionals to generate higher brand awareness and boost company enthusiasm.

Our clients come looking to us when:

• Expecting quality products delivered on time
• Seeking a partner to engage them and not simply an order taker
• Frustrated with non-responsive and non-creative vendors
• Searching for new and innovative ideas to differentiate themselves
• Needing stronger brand awareness
• Recognizing top employee / top clients


• Trade Show Giveaways
• Brand Awareness
• Awards & Recognition
• Employee Service Awards & Incentives
• Branded Apparel
• Holiday Gifts

• Referral Programs
• Incentive Programs
• Company Events & Retreats


"I work with Jeckil promotions because they are the best. As an advertising veteran, I know a great partner when I see one."

Crawford & Company

"Honesty and integrity are paramount to a good working relationship. I can reach out to Joel at any time and not know quite exactly what I am looking for. Every time I get immediate reply with some great ideas and options I can work with."


"I work with Jeckil because of their creative ideas and excellent track record in making things happen for my clients! There have been many occasions over the years when our client requests for promotional items have been presented to Jeckil in less than ideal circumstances and time again, Jeckil has been able to come through for us, making my team look like the heroes!"


"Jeckil Promotions is a dependable company with amazing customer service! It is so nice to have a one-stop shop for all our promotional needs. They know our brand and make sure we receive products up to our standards."



People LOVE Promotional Products!


Of consumers surveyed like receiving a promotional product with an advertising message


Did business with an advertiser as a direct result of receiving an item


Were able to think of a promotional product they'd received in the past two years and were able to recall the specific product, the advertiser, and the message!